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Manner Flexible PVC M1373 PVC,易弯曲 The needs and requirements of the injection molding industry are unique. When choosing a material for an application, several considerations come into play from the end-use application, to how a material flows, to secondary operations.

Manner Plastics can recommend a flexible PVC material to meet the demands of your application. We serve several industries with injection molding applications including footwear, electrical/electronics, and various consumer products.

The table below shows some of our most popular compounds, but is not a comprehensive view of the Manner Plastics product portfolio. If you do not see a compound offering the performance your application requires, please contact us. We may already have a custom formulation that meets your needs.

All the compounds listed below are UL recognized under UL 94, QMFZ2, and QMFZ8.

All Manner Plastic compounds are RoHS compliant.
PRIMALLOY® B1700 TPE PRIMALLOY® B1700是一种热塑性弹性体(TPE)材料,。 该产品在北美洲、欧洲或亚太地区有供货,。 PRIMALLOY® B1700的主要特性为:低硬度。
RTP 6011-55A TPE Warning: The status of this material is 'Commercial: Limited Issue'

The data for this material has not been recently verified.
Please contact RTP Company for current information prior to specifying this grade.

Wet-Grip Compound - 55 Shore A
Radilon® A HSK 372 M NER 尼龙66 PA66 injection moulding grade. Internally lubricated, fast cycles, easy mould release. Heat stabilized. Black colour.

Suitable for high productivity applications like fasteners, connectors, cable ties.

ISO 1043 : PA66-T
TEDUR® L 9114-1 S PPS TEDUR® L 9114-1 S是一种聚苯硫醚(PPS)产品,含有的填充物为60% 玻璃纤维增强材料。 它可以通过注射成型进行加工,在北美洲、欧洲或亚太地区有供货。

  • 阻燃/额定火焰
  • 符合 REACH 标准
  • 通过 ROHS 认证
  • 高刚度
Star L POM D36 聚甲醛(POM)共聚物 Star L POM D36 is a Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricated, POM Copolymer Injection Molding Resin
Sumitomo Epoxy E 8353-706R-1 环氧 E 8353-706R-1 is a fiberglass and mineral reinforced epoxy molding compound, with excellent dimensional stability and good strength at elevated temperatures.
Sumikon® EME-6300H 环氧 Sumikon® EME-6300H是一种环氧; 环氧树脂产品,。 它可以通过包封进行加工,在北美洲有供货。 主要特性为:高纯度。
TAROPRENE® 1 A85 E1N TPV Thermoplastic Elastomer Vulcanized. This TPE-V compound combines the typical performance of a vulcanized elastomer with the easy processing of a thermoplastic compound. Taroprene is totally recyclable and it can be produced in standard grades and in tailor-made grades. Available in natural, black and colored grade.
Titacon® NC940 聚甲醛(POM)共聚物 Titacon® NC940是一种聚甲醛(POM)共聚物材料,含有的填充物为碳纳米填料。 该产品在亚太地区有供货,。 Titacon® NC940的主要特性为:阻燃/额定火焰。
BJB Polyurethane TC-889 A/B PUR,未指定 TC-889 A/B incorporates a non-mercury based catalyst system that produces a tough 80 shore D material with a 2.5 minute work time. This system can be used to hand pour electronic housing, models of all kinds, and point of purchase items. This system is also available in a 20-minute work time (TC-892), 12-minute work time (TC-891), and a 5-minute work time (TC-890).

  • Non-mercury
  • Convenient mixing ratio: 1 to 1 parts by weight
  • Demold time: 30-45 minutes*
Boltaron 4300 PVC,未指定 Boltaron 4300 is a transparent, high impact, corrosion resistant Type II PVC sheet with a smooth polished surface on both sides. Boltaron 4300 is suitable for thermoforming and conforms to ASTM D-1784.

Standard Color: Blue Tint (9037)
Custom Colors: Upon Request (min. order required)
Gauges: .062 to 1"
Width: 48"
Length: 96"
Custom Sizes: Upon request
Standard Texture: Smooth Polished (Both Sides)
Custom Textures: Upon Request
Poly Masking: Standard (Both Sides)

Suggested Applications:
Equipment Windows
Machined Parts
Thermoformed Parts
Borlink™ LE0520-99 TP,未指定 LE0520-99 has the same melt flow properties as the peroxide containing material.
Caltex PP M560 抗撞击PP均聚物 Caltex PP M560是一种聚丙烯扩冲击共聚物(PP Impact Copoly)材料,。 该产品在亚太地区有供货,加工方式为:注射成型。

Caltex PP M560的主要特性有:
  • 阻燃/额定火焰
  • 高流动性
  • 耐冲击

  • 电气/电子应用
  • 电气用具
  • 房屋
  • 工业应用
  • 汽车行业
CERTENE™ LDF-0822A LDPE LDF-0822A is a certified prime resin specially designed for production of shrink wrapping Blown films for case bundling applications requiring excellent shrink performance, very high toughness, good puncture and burn-through resistance. LDF-0822A is also recommended for impact liner films. It features easy processability with excellent film optical and mechanical properties. Minimum recommended film thickness is 1.5 mils. LDF-0822A contains no slip and no antiblock.
Capilene® QC 71 E PP 无规共聚物 CAPILENE® QC 71 E is a high molecular weight clarified polypropylene random copolymer for extrusion applications.
CAPILENE® QC 71 E is specially designed for EBM process having an excellent durability and esthetics for the production of high volume clear containers. QC 71 E is suitable for blown film process having an outstanding clarity and bubble stability.

CAPILENE® QC 71 E features: easy processability, high clarity, high gloss and excellent mechanical properties.
LNP™ LUBRICOMP™ RCP36 compound 尼龙66 LNP LUBRICOMP* RCP36 is a compound based on Nylon 66 resin containing Carbon Fiber, Silicone, PTFE. Added features of this material include: Electrically Conductive.

Also known as: LNP* LUBRICOMP* Compound RCL-4536
Product reorder name: RCP36
LNP™ STAT-KON™ MD000ISC compound PP,未指定 LNP STAT-KON* MD000ISC is a compound based on Polypropylene resin containing Carbon Powder. Added features of this material include: Electrically Conductive.

Also known as: LNP* STAT-KON* Compound M-1 HI
Product reorder name: MD000ISC
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RheTech Products FT3080-425 Thermoplastic Polyolefin, UV Stabilized, YBWA Platinum Polyolefin RheTech Products
Polimeri Europa Europrene® SOL T 166 Styrene - Butadiene Block Copolymer Styrene/Butadiene/Styrene (SBS) Polimeri Europa (Former EniChem)
Indium Corp. 5N Indium Acetate Ceramic Indium Corporation of America
Kraiburg TPE THERMOLAST® K TC8TPZ Thermoplastic Elastomer, General Purpose, Technical Performance Styrenic TPE Kraiburg TPE
Ferro EG 0002 Glazes and Sealants Glass Ferro Corporation
Karina 40/296-FC-LMP (CS) Green Color Concentrate for PVC Additive/Filler for Polymer Karina Indústria e Comércio de Plásticos
SABIC Innovative Plastics LNP STAT-KON EX11402 PEI Polyetherimide (PEI) SABIC Innovative Plastics (GE Plastics)
Teknor Apex Telcar® OBC 4475A Thermoplastic Elastomer PVC, Wire and Cable Grade Teknor Apex Company
Thermal Ceramics MRI SC-59V Pre-Fired Refractory Shapes Ceramic Thermal Ceramics
EDRO UltraChem® ESR #16 Precipitation Hardening Stainless Mold Steel Precipitation Hardening Stainless EDRO
Dow Corning TC-5121 Thermally Conductive Compound Silicone, RTV, Adhesive/Sealant Grade Dow Corning
ChevronTexaco 320 PMO Premium Lubricant ChevronTexaco Corp
Eurotec® Tecoform® PO20 NL RT POM, PTFE modified, natural Acetal Copolymer, PTFE Filled Eurotec
Chemours Viton® AL-600 with 30 phr Albaglos® Filler Thermoset Fluoroelastomer Chemours
Aaron Industries AAROLENE® ARPS 100-3 HIPS Black Injection Grade Polystyrene Compounded Resin, Injection Molding Polystyrene, Impact Modified Aaron Industries Corporation
Thermal Ceramics Kao-Tex HD Rope 2000 Ceramic Thermal Ceramics
Dow Corning 3289 Bladder Lubricant Silicone Dow Corning
DuPont™ Fusabond® M603 Polymer Modifier Adhesives, Sealants, and Coatings DuPont
Overview of materials for Nylon 6, Cast Nylon 6, Cast
拓展库2 种类 厂家
HE6062 高密度聚乙烯#低压 北欧化工
PP645H 聚丙烯#百折胶|软胶 利安德巴塞尔
3555D 热塑性弹性体橡胶 路博润
HB6401 高密度聚乙烯#低压 印度海尔帝亚
1553L 聚丙烯#百折胶|软胶 俄罗斯NKNKh
4001 聚邻苯二甲酰胺# 美国RTP
GP-2151F 聚碳酸酯#防弹胶 LG化学
NPP00GW01BK 聚丙烯#百折胶|软胶 美国福禄
TPP20AN17BK 聚丙烯#百折胶|软胶 美国福禄
R328BE 聚氯乙烯#硬氯 普立万
CS Series CS1515GP 聚氯乙烯#硬氯 美国Colorite
SP 4808 高密度聚乙烯#低压 印尼钱德拉阿斯里
6 J250-GF15 聚已内酰胺#尼龙6 德国Almaak
G25-FD 聚已内酰胺#尼龙6 余姚弘鼎
AR86BK6273 聚亚己基己二酸酰胺#聚己二酰己二胺|尼龙66 英国Vita
BG10 聚已内酰胺#尼龙6 法国Eurostar
1215Z 聚对苯二甲酸丁二醇酯#聚酯 福州嘉威
RJ8955FR-NAT 聚氯乙烯#硬氯 美国Spartech
NA NA40 GR13 NL100 MB 聚亚己基己二酸酰胺#聚己二酰己二胺|尼龙66 土耳其Eurotec
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