Aardvark Polymers AARTEL® 800AM Rotational Molding Resin

Polymer,Thermoplastic,Acetal (POM)

Gehrig & Associates



Aartel 800AM is a new antimicrobial grade that offers the same excellent physical and mechanical properties of standard Aartel grades plus the added benefit of protection against microbial growth, providing a competitive advantage for products in the most challenging environments.

Information provided by Gehrig & Associates

Aardvark Polymers AARTEL® 800AM Rotational Molding Resin 物性表
物理性能额定值 (公制)额定值 (英制)测试方法
密度 g/cc lb/in³ ISO 1183
线性成型收缩率 cm/cm in/in ISO 294-4
线性成型收缩率,横向 cm/cm in/in ISO 294-4
熔体流动速率 g/10 min
@Load 2.16 kg, Temperature 190 °C
g/10 min
@Load 4.76 lb, Temperature 374 °F
ISO 1183
机械性能额定值 (公制)额定值 (英制)测试方法
抗张强度(屈服) MPa psi (50mm/min); ISO 527-2/1A
屈服伸长率 (50mm/min); ISO 527-2/1A
拉伸模量 GPa ksi (1mm/min); ISO 527-2/1A
弯曲模量 GPa ksi ISO 178
简支梁缺口冲击强度 J/cm²
@Temperature 23.0 °C
@Temperature 73.4 °F
ISO 179/1e
热性能额定值 (公制)额定值 (英制)测试方法
熔融温度 °C °F (10°C/min); ISO 11357-1,2,3
载荷下热变形温度(1.8 MPa) °C °F ISO 75-1/-2
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